Mike Edwards Event List

EVENTS   2011

  1. Heavy division-Bataan Death March (26.2 miles) with a 35lb Ruck.  This was my 8th year running it and I have always come in the top 3.   March 25, 2012  2nd (5:25)  pace 12:26 (2011 ),3rd (5:12) pace 11:55. (2004 –3rd ran with a time of (5:20)  pace 12:14, (2006—2nd with a time of (4:15) pace 9:45), (2008—1st ran time of (5:05)pace 11:40), (2009—3rd ran with a time of (5:46)  pace 13:12), (2010—3rd ran with a time of (5:20)  pace 12:14)  2013 March 17, Bataan Death March (WSMR) (2nd age, 3rd overall) Time 4:59:23
  2. June 4, NM state games Olympic weight lifting Albuquerque NM(2nd) 85 kilo wt class, In 2010, I won the 77 kilo class.
  3. September 3,  Anthem Sprint Triathlon, in Anthem AZ ,  9th place age group
  4. September 10,  Yucca Triathlon, White Sands Missile Range, 2nd place age group
  5. September 24,  Dirty 6 Mud Run (Tempe AZ)  10th  overall
  6. October 2, Xterra Trail run Estrella Mtn Regional Park (Good Year AZ) 9th , 36th overall
  7. October 9th, Holloman Triathlon (3rd age, 11th overall)
  8. October 15, Bisbee 1000 Run, (12th age, 59th male, 73rd overall)  3rd in the ICEMAN!
  9. October 23, Roadrunner WSMR ½ Marathon  (4th age, 19th overall)
  10. November  12, Autumn Aggie Tri, (3rd age, 23rd overall)
  11. December 3, Polar Bear Triathlon (WSMR) NM  (1st age, 10th overall)
  12. December 4, Las Cruces ½ Marathon (5th age, 36th overall) Time  1:39.58


  1. January 8, White Tanks Regional Park Trail 20 k run AZ (9th age, 39th overall 1:51:03)
  2. February 5, McDowell Mtn, Regional Park AZ  15 mile Trail Run (9th, 2:14:36)
  3. February 19, Presidents Day Duathlon WSMR (1st age, 5th overall)
  4. March 25, Bataan Death March WSMR  (2nd) (Time 5:25)
  5. April 1, Mesilla Valley Triathlon  (1st place age, 5th overall)
  6. April 14, Tax Day Triathlon (1st age, 9th overall)
  7. April 28, Duathlon Nationals  Tucson AZ (24th age) (1:54:52)
  8. July 7, Missile man Triathlon WSMR (1st place age, 7th overall)
  9. August  5, La Luz Trail run  (9th age)
  10. August 25, Roadrunner Triathlon WSMR  (4th)
  11. September 8,  Yucca Triathlon WSMR  (2nd age, 6th overall)
  12. September 23, Duathlon World Championship (Nancy,France) (4th American, 38th overall)
  13. October 6, Holloman Triathlon (3rd age, 5th overall)
  14. October 13, Roadrunner ½ Marathon WSMR (pushing my son Javery in a stroller)
  15. (15th overall, 5th age)  Time 1:54
  16. December 1, Polar Bear Triathlon (WSMR) NM  (5th age, 11th overall)
  17. December 2, LC ½ Marathon (5th age, 30th overall) Time 1:38.45


  1. January 6, White Tanks AZ Regional Park Trail 20k run ( 7th age, 34th overall) Time 1:51:35
  2. March 10, Jack Rabbit Classic Trail Race (El Paso Tx) (2nd age, 12th overall) Time 1:08:53
  3. March 17, Bataan Death March (WSMR) (2nd age, 3rd overall) Time 4:59:23
  4. March 23, Kahles Powerlifting Meet (1st age and overall)
  5. March 24th Black Canyon Trail AZ 1/2 marathon (10th age, 43rd overall) Time 2:02:46
  6. April 20th Sierra Vista Trail  26.2 marathon (  1st age,  5th overall) Time  4:38:11
  7. May 18th Olympic Weightlifting State Championships Albuquerque  (1st place) 77 kilo class
  8.  August 24, Onate 5k Desert Challenge  (1st age, 4th overall) 19:57
  9. September 7th Yucca Triathlon WSMR NM (1st age, 3rd overall)
  10. October 5 Monster Tri (Holloman) (1st age, 3rd overall)
  11. October 26th Duathlon Nationals Tucson AZ (13th Age)(1:48:
  12. November 23rd Mesilla Plaza Turkey Trot 5k
  13. November 28th la Lorona Turkey Trot 10k, 3rd age, 14th overall(pushing Javery)


  1. January 18th Puzzler Trail Run El Paso
  2. January 26th Biggest Looser ½ Marathon Las Cruces (pushing Javery)
  3. February 1st Missile Man Duathlon
  4. February Sugar Loaf Ultra Vado, NM
  5. February Fleet Feet Trail Race Tuscon AZ
  6. March Desert Classic duathlon  Fountain Hills AZ
  7. March 9th Jack Rabbit Classic Trail Race (7miles) El Paso
  8. March 23rd Bataan Death March (WSMR
  9. April Sierra Vista Trail Race 26.2 miles
  10. April Joker Duathlon Holloman
  11. May Manno Classic Powerlifting AZ
  12. May USAW State Olympic games NM
  13. May Howling Coyote Triathlon WSMR
  14. May Ft Bayard Wilderness Run (Silver City NM) November 9th Desert Dash (10k)
  15. November 16th ROX Trail Race (Vado NM) 31 miles
  16. November 23rd Mesilla Plaza Turkey Trot 5k (push Javery)
  17. November 28th la Lorona Turkey Trot 10k, (pushing Javery)
  18. Dec7th Polar Bear Triathlon WSMR NM

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